Pondwork, aerators, and the elections

The primitive jack-o-lantern painting that I made many years ago, three: one for each son.

Changing out the backs of the plywood pumpkin decorations. Why I painted them brown before, makes me wonder what I was thinking.

Okay, all that is on my mind is the elections, hoping against hope that people will do the right thing, come up, and vote. To be more accurate, vote the Democratic ticket because the Republican ticket is crazy at the top and collaborators for pretty much the rest. I am hoping that when we are beyond this ridiculous debacle, that those who collaborated will have to pay the price for their inhuman behavior and treatment of all people. Any party that wants mothers separated from their children and actually rationalizes reasons for it has no business having any support.

Halloween came down on Monday (the first Monday after Halloween) and so I pulled out the Halloween storage containers housed in the crawl space. I also decided to take the three plywood pumpkins I made years ago and paint them orange on the back since they have a habit of turning in the wind. So here it is Tuesday and things are still not all away. The paint is still drying.

I went to check on the pond on Monday and it is doing great. I cleaned the aerator because it is cleaning as well as providing air. The netting is successful at keeping out the big leaves. I feel that I should leave the aerator on for as long as possible so I can start out with a clear pond in the spring.

The weather turned cold, windy, and wet and I am glad I spent some time cleaning the aerator filter.

Meanwhile, all I can think of is the elections, hoping that a message will be sent and that perhaps a little of the current nasty, national situation shall abate.

Is this wishful thinking or just being naive?

I would like to think that it is perhaps positive instead
of either of the above.

Tonight’s news should be interesting.

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