Switching roles and political hope

Sitting on the balcony of Oakton’s Des Plaines campus cafeteria, waiting for my French Conversation session to begin…

After you have lived together for over forty years, I suppose it is natural for some of one’s natural tendencies to be absorbed into and appear in a spouse. Nonetheless, I was a bit surprised to note that MK was seemingly channeling one of my disliked attributes that I have tried for a lifetime to shelve in my trash folder: that of seeing the glass as half empty. I was gifted with this via DNA and family. My mom was really good at being a pessimist as a first generation American, daughter of immigrants, and having dealt with discrimination (not as much as so many others), being kicked out of a house for non-payment of mortgage during the depression, and going on welfare. My dad wasn’t totally in the same boat as he and his father moved in with his adult half-sister and family during bad times. Why a woman who was left in Europe and forgotten by a father would do that is beyond me, but who am I?

My dad apparently had a saying: “If a dog defecates (not the word he chose) on the sidewalk, it is a guarantee that I will step in it.”

I have been trying to rid myself of these pessimistic thoughts for a lifetime and with the midterm elections of 2016, MK was in my parents’ philosophical camp whereas I was of the belief that maybe I was less hopeful than I was in the 2016 election, but not jaded enough to think that there was still no hope.

Luckily, the Democrats now hold the House of Representative majority and we can at least expect that the Fascist régime will have more checks on it than it has in the past. I am horrified by what is going on and cannot wait for the nightmare to end. I am not alone, but there is so much that needs to be done to undo and move beyond the sad state of American affairs.

At least we have a bit more hope…

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