The first snow of the 2018 fall/winter season

They have been promising snow for days. I always take that with a grain of salt as I have an inherent distrust of meteorology and the meteorologists who deliver their craft via the media. I totally understand the science of it all. I am not one of those people who deny the reality of science and say, for example, that Global Warming is fake. I guess that I wish that meteorologists and the science of meteorology would be clearer about the fact that although it is a science, that the factors affecting it are quite complex. More often than not (although seemingly less of late), the weather they predict does not come to pass.

Again, they have been promising snow for days. I thought it was meant for this evening, and maybe it is, but we had a dusting overnight. It is pretty.

This was enjoyable snow. It is pretty, our lawn was just cleared of leaves, and it is not dangerous. I doubt that the roads are slick.

Speaking of slick, I find it interesting that the meteorologists are telling those of us with four wheel (or all wheel) drive cars to be kind and patient with those who have only two wheel drive. I have been driving all wheel drive cars for over ten years and am a huge proponent of them for our climate. They are a pain when they break down as they cannot be towed, they have to be put up on a huge truck, but frankly their safer driving is a huge asset. Add into that that my blue car is with manual transmission so although it is small, I have even more control.

Stewart was seemingly nonplussed by the snow; I know that when we have more, he will be in his glory. He was made for cold, having two separate coats and more fur than a dog should even have.

Okay, I am over it. Bring on winter!

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