Baby, it’s cold outside

The weather is cold, so cold that I did not even look at the thermometer. I went outside with Stewart and neither he nor I decided to pay any attention to it. This is the Midwest after all is said and done and cold weather is to be expected.

In my head the cold weather is good, I feel deep down that it kills the germs. My real mind tells me that such thoughts are totally ridiculous. Sometimes, we do enjoy our fantasies, though. That is a pretty safe one as far as fantasies go.

Weather like this makes me want to have a nice, roaring fire in the fireplace. We shall do that later today as we are going to see Timon of Athens, a filming of a Stratford Festival Shakespeare play. It is in the city and a continuation of our efforts to bring more knowledge of the wonderful theatre venue to the north to those who are unaware of it in the Chicago area.

It has been a busy week and shall continue to be so as we saw a play last night, Twelfth Night, at Writers Theatre in Glencoe. It was very well done, better in fact than the rendition we saw in Stratford this past summer. MK and I agree that it is just not our favorite play. I find that it is disjointed and that I have trouble following it. I had a hard time in the first quarter of the play, finding it slow and hard to follow. The rest of the play, the actors and play totally found their mojo and despite the play were totally amazing.

The laughter and antics of all of the actors were incredible and despite not loving the play, they made up for it.

Timon was great and although we thought we were seeing a play tomorrow, we are not. Sunday will be a little less busy.

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