The Cold Spell

Neighbors down the street had put this Little Tikes tractor, wagon, and gas pump out for garbage pick up (or for someone like me coming along to grab it).

November days are not generally super cold. Today when I went out with Stewie, it was only nineteen degrees. Luckily, it was a windless nineteen degrees.

Lethargy is the word of the day. Yesterday, I got through the day on a piece of peanut butter toast in the morning and my only other calories were an extremely, slowly drunk can of Coca Cola. Early on in the day, I was queasy and despite it, I went to the gym. While there, I realized that I needed to go home since I apparently had some sort of virus.

The symptoms were very acid reflux-like with frequent tastes of bile and a whole day where I could not eat and only sip coke and period tastes of water.

Nauseated was the word of the day. Once home from the gym after noon, I took it easy and I wasn’t all that sure that I wasn’t going to lose the little I had eaten.

I found out later when MK went out for a supposed chance to see two of our granddaughters at ballet class, which ended up in being the result of a fake news e-mail that was a false alarm. MK got there only to be told that the e-mail received was incorrect and it was not a day for seeing the girls perform. While there, she explained my symptoms as being the reason I was not there and Rita, Richie’s nurse, mother-in-law said not to worry since it was a twenty-four hour thing.

That was totally correct, by bedtime, my queasiness had subsided and I was able to go to bed and sleep through the night.

I must say that I am not overly hungry, but I was able to eat steel cut oatmeal and have a cup of decaf.

Never a dull moment.

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