The Piano

Mary Kay’s piano book from J.W. Schaum.

We had always had it in our heads that the grandchildren should have access to a piano. I was always pleased that MK’s ‘dowry’ was a piano, a Baldwin spinet that her parents had purchased for her when they moved from Milwaukee to Glenview, Illinois. I, myself, was always disappointed that I didn’t have a piano growing up and early in our marriage, while teaching at New Trier High School; I took lessons for several years from Susan Arron. Unfortunately for me, I was less than a perfect student and I kind of feel as if I had ‘missed my window’ of opportunity to learn piano. I don’t feel, however, that my efforts were lost, I came to a new appreciation of what it is to play the piano, putting my musical envy aside.

Earlier on in Milwaukee, Mary Kay’s mom worked in a drugstore to make some extra cash. She was one to get into conversations with people and one of her regulars turned out to be a music professor. They talked and she told him of her desire to expose her daughters to music via piano. Affording one at that time was out of the question. He listened to her and finally said, I will get you one. Before you knew it, a piano was delivered to their home, free of charge. It turns out that the man was John W. Schaum, a man who wrote the piano books Mary Kay and many others used to learn how to play piano.

Yesterday, thanks to the NextDoor app, we went to visit a family in Northbrook with a Baldwin Console piano. They had advertised that they were giving away a piano because their son, who just got into Med School, was no longer planning on using it. With things like this, one never knows if it is worth it, but we went to their house and MK sat down and played a short time. The sound was deeper and more resonant than our spinet and although it was in need of tuning, in great condition. Our oldest son and his family are going to be the recipients of this piano as we have already made plans for the mover.

The Northbrook family is sharing the wonder and music that they have enjoyed with us so that we can share that with our kids.

Next step…tuning. Soon we shall do another piano search four our other son with kids.

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