That Little French Guy in Highland Park

We had a window of an hour. I was having one of those days of picking up kids and taking them here and there. To be honest, carting kids around in a car is not my favorite thing to do, but thankfully since this always plays out like clockwork, it is just fine.

It was Thanksgiving week and one set of grandkids had no school, thus there was extra need of childcare. One had a class in Highland Park that ended at 11:00 AM and another had to be picked up at Noon. I parked the car, picked up Samantha at 11:00 at the library, and walked her over to ‘That Little French Guy French Bakery & Cafe.’

We were met at the door by the proprietor’s cousin, born in Paris, and more than willing to speak French to me, something I sought out as didactic Papi was interested in showing Samantha that the French I speak to her is useful in a real life situation.

We had a great time. What is not to love when you are in a French Pâtisserie?

There were way too many choices. Samantha chose a pain au chocolat (they called it a chocolate croissant, which it is, for their Highland Park public), I had a regular croissant, and we also bought a baguette, which Samantha pretty much devoured, and a braided brioche loaf.

Other than my decaf café au lait, which I found to be sadly less than great, the pastry and bread were spectacular. The ambiance was pleasant, a nice mixture of Paris and Highland Park. When you walk in you see fence material, just as you see on the famous Paris pedestrian bridge, with locks latched on. It is an overall delightful situation.

I cannot wait to try the pastries, including an updated Paris/Brest pastry that is now the Paris/Highland Park version. Also of note are two clocks, one with Paris time, the other with Highland Park time.

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