Black Friday 2018

Let it be known, I hate the concept of Black Friday. It Let it be known, I hate the concept of Black Friday. It pains me to think of putting myself in a situation of being in a store with hordes of people who all think that they are going to get huge bargains. I know that some bargains are to be had, I even availed myself of one online, an Apple watch for less than $200, but overall, is it worth it?

For some people, it most certainly is, and I say, « More power to them. »

For me, the idea is purely painful and annoying.

I try to think back to when this concept started.

I remember when I was in college and high school, that I loved going to downtown Cleveland by myself and doing Christmas shopping. I remember doing it on or around December 1st. If you go online to find out the origins, it is truly hard to pinpoint. One insight pointed to the fact that Abraham Lincoln chose Thanksgiving Day and that the official start to the Christmas season started the day afterward. In 1905, Eaton’s department store in Canada had a Thanksgiving Parade with Santa in Toronto and in 1924, Macy’s of New York followed suit. In 1966, the expression ‘Black Friday’ surfaced in an ad in the American Philatelist magazine and the Philadelphia Police used the expression to describe the unpleasant traffic on the day after Thanksgiving.

In any case, Black Friday is not for me.

This Thanksgiving was memorable in that I think I had the best Thanksgiving turkey ever. Its thermometer popped out early and we didn’t believe it. We popped a regular meat thermometer in and it just needed a few more minutes in the oven.

We had a fire going all afternoon in the fireplace and that was quite enjoyable.

Black Friday found me in the gym after breakfast and then at one of our sons’ homes to take care of the little ones while mommy was at swimming practice (besides being a teacher, she coaches). We came home and I took leaves off the pond that the landscapers blew in through the netting and cleaned up a few yard things. Later this afternoon we shall have a playdate for Stewart while the adults have a glass of wine and some apéritif snacks.

This, to me, is the best Black Friday I could have. The stores? Leave them to those who love that kind of thing.

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