After the blizzard

The day after the blizzard sky.

I was wondering if the nasty weather was going to continue. We had a large amount of snow and it was very heavy due to the warmth of the ground and air when it originally started falling.

I communicated with my sister in Cleveland to find that they had really warm weather on the day we had the blizzard and then today, the storm system was attacking them

I went outside to see if I could work a bit on MK’s car, which had been outside and had suffered the full effects of the storm. Despite the fact that I had attempted to clean off the windows yesterday, it was frozen pretty much completely over. I was forced to turn on the car and the defroster and let it go for a few minutes before going outside to start the ice removal. I had this horrible thought that we would need the car and that we would not be able to use the frozen windshield wipers and see out of the windows.

I was successful.

I then took my car to pick up one of our charges from preschool and then after lunch, we did some Christmas decorating. First we put the little plastic inserts that look like colored Christmas light bulbs, candles, and butterflies, and decorated the ceramic Christmas tree my mother made quite some time ago. Once completed, we put it on its stand with a light bulb and our work was rewarded with what looked like a fully lit Christmas tree.

We then took the Norfolk pines that I had decorated with mini-lights and put a few hanging, mini-ornaments on.

Now, we are one step closer to Christmas decorations being done. We had fun working together to do so.

We then had a tea party with our Spode Christmas china. Our youngest charge is still sleeping and the house is still quiet.

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