Goofy Stewie!

Stewie was nowhere to be found.

MK had alerted me to the fact that she heard some whimpering. I hadn’t heard a thing. I looked around and realized I hadn’t seen Stewie in a while. I didn’t remember letting him out in the back yard, something that we only do during the day. I don’t want to take a chance at Stewie having another ‘encounter of the fragrant or rather smelly kind’ with a skunk.

I searched all over while calling for him. Although Stewie has his own version of responding to ‘viens’ or ‘come,’ he usually finally shows up. There was no response at all.

I searched more than once to no avail.

We looked out back and out front, wondering if there happened to be any way we had allowed him out and forgotten to let him back in. Nothing.

It was freaky. It had just turned dark and Stewie was nowhere to be found. I had a last resort, I threw some kibble in his bowl, knowing full well that it was pretty much the only way to assure his presence, knowing that no matter where he is in the house, his keen hearing would let him know food was in his bowl.

No Stewie!

I thought about it. I was by the door to the crawlspace. I wondered if when I had been in there to get some Christmas decorations and to put away some paintings taken down from the wall, if Stewie had gone in as he often does. Unbeknownst to me, he had, because there he was whimpering at the door. Stewie has never learned to bark to go out or to use it to make us aware of his presence. Those times are reserved for whining and whimpering, which is what he had done. Given that he was behind a thin crawlspace door with a larger solid wood door in front of that, we had not heard him.

Stewie was released and we were at ease. What a funny dog!

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