Snow, thunder, heavy rains, and a play

We all know that Chicago is known for its unpredictable weather. The current situation, as we maneuver through the puddles outside, is bordering on flooding. Rivers are already going beyond their banks as the rain keeps falling.

It is cold, but just above the freezing mark. I keep wondering if it is going to warm up more or maybe drop and freeze. Time will tell.

Sunday was relaxing as we didn’t have a reason to fly out the door, especially early on as we did on Friday. Saturday was nice as well.

Today we went to pick up our oldest granddaughter and we took her to lunch and then to see a play at the Marriott, Holiday Inn.

The play was very well done with lots of music and dancing. It was well choreographed and costumed and the actors did a great job of bringing the story to the audience.

After the play, we went back to the restaurant. Lexie, our server, had said to us to do so and she would offer us dessert. For whatever reason, the food was taking forever and although we had a two-hour window, the time went by way too fast. It was nice having dessert afterwards.

All in all, given the weather, we had a great time, chilling in the morning, having a great time with our granddaughter, seeing a play, and then coming home to a little more down time.

I am currently reading a Louise Penny book featuring Inspector Armand Gamache and thoroughly enjoying it. I had started an Amos Oz book, but I found it duller than the usual Amos Oz read so I escaped to Louise Penny.

That book is calling me as I write these words.

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