O Christmas Tree

I was concerned that perhaps we should get moving on the Christmas tree acquisition.
Usually, right after Thanksgiving is the best time to pick up a tree and I am not always good about it. Other things seem to get in the way.

We have always had a tree, Mary Kay and I, a real one, except for our first year of marriage when the apartment we lived in, owned by the horrid Gansels of Justice, Illinois, did not allow it. My nickname for Justice was ‘Injustice’ as it was a place that made you feel like you needed to leave it. I totally get their reasoning for not having real trees in the apartments but I call them horrid because despite our leaving the apartment spotless when we moved out, and despite the fact that people had moved stuff in our apartment before we had even left, they kept our $200 deposit. They were just not nice people. At that time, since we had a new home to deal with, it wasn’t worth fighting for the amount of money it cost us to live in the apartment for a month.

So, today we went out to Home Depot to pick up a tree. It was cold and, more importantly, the humidity was such that it felt as if it was going through to your bones.

I had just done some work outside, picking up the small branches that fell and put them inside the fire pit we have. That took some time. I also readjusted the chairs around the outdoor table, setting them up so that the cover on them would not gather as much water. MK suggested that instead of putting the chairs in a normal way underneath, to instead turn them around and thus change the possibilities for water retention.

So I did a few things after coming home from Oakton and the gym. The last thing I did was to put the Halloween pumpkin and the other vegetable scraps in the composting bin.

Now we have a tree and although we are not putting up the tree right away, we are ready to go.

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