Golden Muffins

The egg whites I made to add into the tapioca pudding.

The tapioca pudding awaiting being cooked.

I have been enjoying lots of treats in ESL Conversation Hour lately. It all started with Rachel and the Oolong tea from Taiwan. We talked a bit about tea and then she brought some in. I looked at it and thought, okay, it is tea. I was really wrong about that.

The tea is truly the champagne of teas and as Rachel put it, try it black. I did. It needed no additions. My first reaction was to feel that it really had some personality. My second taste and I thought I had died and gone to tea heaven. In my history of tea drinking, I would rate this as, perhaps, the most delicious tea ever. It was like drinking the fine champagne of teas.

Rachel brought enough for each person (about three to five others) to have several tea bags. Then, another day, she brought some more and some other tea besides. With a little ‘googling,’ I determined that this tea was very high quality and not exactly inexpensive. The mountains of Taiwan are apparently perfect for tea growing. Then Mari (originally from Syria) brought in sesame cookies she made. They were amazing. Following this, Mari brought in Syrian Tabouleh and the special bulgur wheat it is made with. Rachel brought in green onion pancakes from Taiwan. Rachel and Mari willingly took the time with us to explain how they had made their food items, which we turned into ESL recipes and I also got a website with a YouTube video to explain the processes further.

I intended to make tapioca for them, which I did. I made two batches. However, the tapioca pudding I made for them disappeared faster than it took for me to make it. I thus decided to put dry ingredients together the night before to make muffins (blueberry and plain) and I took those in on Wednesday.

I filled up the probably seventy-something year old Koerner family picnic basket with butter, napkins, plates, and jam. I explained to my group how muffins have morphed in the U.S. into cake. They all really enjoyed the treat non-cake treat. It was as if I had given them gold. It was quite the fulfilling moment.

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