Play-Doh day

Play-Doh is a godsend.

Not that we needed one today, but rather than turning on the tube or using Technology, we opted for the Play-Doh.

Play-Doh never fails. The only thing that might ensue is a disagreement regarding the tools we have to use for play. Clearly, when one is using a particular tool, it becomes very interesting to the person who is not using it. Today it was the little rolling pin that became the bone of contention.

It is interesting to see which toys seem to stand the test of time. Tactile-based fun often seems to last. There is nothing like the pleasant smell of Play-Doh or the feel of it in your hands. Even at my age, I still remember playing with it myself. Playing with that malleable putty-like dough is just plain old habit forming. I am guessing that it is actually good for you.

In our house, we kept the high quality toys that the boys loved the most. We kept them and the grandkids love them pretty much as much as they did. We still have Lego Duplo and its train set (for which we just purchased more track) and the Brio Train set and accessories. They still supply a lot of fun. We also have many Fisher Price toys that still provide the same fun they did many years ago.

My all-time favorite toy is the Fisher Price Record Player that you have to wind up; it is a fancy music box that plays great music and has survived almost forty years and still works and provides the same enjoyment it did way back when.

Some things just never get old!

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