Thé aux Oranges de Cuba

This tea has been in our cupboard for many years. It seems to be in good condition and I don’t really think its freshness has been affected.

Thé aux oranges de Cuba is pretty much like a Bigelow tea that is a favorite: Constant Comment. This tea is a family favorite that my mother always kept in the house. It is one with small bits of actual orange along with the dark, black tea. Thé aux oranges de Cuba is similar but I think that the tea is stronger.

Thé aux oranges de Cuba was bought in France. I am not sure if it was in Paris or Strasbourg, but I am thinking it is probably the latter. It is creating a Proustian, if I can make up that word, experience. Proust is infamous for detailing an experience of having tea and Madeleines, famous little clam look-alike cookies, with a lemon flavor. Proust details this story in his book ‘A Remembrance of Things Past (A la Recherche du Temps Perdu). For whatever reason, while having tea and these interesting cookies, somewhat like a different version of pound cake with lemon flavor, his mind wanders into the past and memories.

While drinking the ‘Thé aux oranges de Cuba,’ my mind goes to France and makes me think of it with great fondness, a sort of second home, a place where I feel that my life’s journey became more concrete. I see the land and in anticipation of landing on French soil, I always get a shiver down my spine. Spending a year there, living with a family, and learning the language and culture was an awe inspiring and incredible lifetime experience for me. I feel as if it changed me forever.

Personally, I feel as if everyone should have the experience, traveling somewhere where they have to live, observe, and experience life in a totally different way.

Once you do, you are never the same…

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