Random Thoughts on WordPress and Impromptu Family Gatherings

WordPress is annoying. I went to publish today and it refused the usual commands. I went to my iPad and iPhone because usually when I cannot do it via laptop, the others work. Nada. Rien. Nothing. I am not surprised as I went to update to the latest WordPress yesterday and when I did, I wondered what was in store for me. Now I know. In the past, whenever I have contacted them or gone on the website for info, I get the same thing: Nada! Rien! Nothing! I published on tumblr.com, which is a usual connection anyway.

Yesterday, MK and I went with the girls to see the latest Grinch movie, the 2018 version. We started out with the four-year-old charge that we have twice a week and took her to her five-year-old cousin’s school to pick her up at school dismissal. That was all a surprise. We picked her up and went to the local mall where we had reserved seats in the movie theatre. Our oldest granddaughter showed up with her mom and we connected in the cinema lobby. That gave us three girls and their popcorn, drinks, and other treats. We thoroughly enjoyed this version of the movie that the two older ones had already seen; it is decidedly a good movie to see again.

Following the movie, we took our youngest granddaughter home. Naturally, the cousins came in with us. What ensued was totally unplanned. The girls immediately set out to play with their youngest cousin and soon we were joined by the parents of the older two, who had taken advantage of the time off from their girls to go to an early dinner.

Drinks and an impromptu dinner were thrown together with quesadillas for the kids, hummus, vegetable crackers, and elk, yes, elk meat. The elk was gotten from a friend of one of our sons.

None of this was planned and yet it worked out marvelously. The kids, until the very end when they were overtired, played without a single parental or grandparental intervention.

What can I say? Priceless!

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