A grandchildcare day not like all the others…

It is not the usual grandchildcare day.

This is one of those days where things don’t seem to be going as we expect them to, not that there is a total routine full of regular expectations. We know that children are children and that they are the masters of the unexpected. What we are viewing today is not paying attention and not listening more than usual. A little check of the modern forehead thermometer reveals a low grade temperature in both of them.

The older of the two had put herself to bed early last night and I received a text message to that effect, making us all wonder what was going on. This morning they are playing but somehow it is clear that things are a little ‘off,’ as listening ability is decidedly not where it usually is.

PBS Kids comes to the rescue with a new travel and culture program for kids called ‘Let’s Go Luna!’ In my estimate, one can never get enough of culture enrichment and a desire to learn about and understand others. In my life, my most enriching moments were those where I went away to school in another culture (to southeastern Ohio from Northern Ohio which is surprisingly a huge difference) and then to France to live with a family for a year.

Today we are off to Beijing, China to learn about China and its culture, with a few expressions in Mandarin.

Sometimes even children need downtime and if we need to resort to TV, video, or Technology, we can at least control it so that it is something that has some value.

I just went online to see if there were more episodes of ‘Let’s Go Luna’ than we have recorded on the DVR and found a Christmas around the world episode that is available until January 1st.

Let’s see where this day goes.

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