Way too early…

Yesteday’s fresh muffins that we shall enjoy with the kids before heading to the babysitter’s…

This is way too early in the morning. In so many ways it is not, but somehow I find it hard to get up, pretty much fly out of the door, and go to the grandkids’ house and wait for them to get up. We are on duty to take them to the babysitter’s today so it is easiest to do it this way.

It is not even seven o’clock yet.

The weather is just at freezing and the ground is slightly wet from yesterday’s rain and snow is lightly falling, just a few flakes here and there.

Yesterday was a bit tough as far as days go because both of our charges had temperatures. We spent several hours watching shows on television just to keep the one lying low. The other one took an epic nap and didn’t complain one bit when I put him down. The camera showed that he basically never moved from the moment I put him down and covered him with a blanket. The day before he had had a terrible time going to sleep and even ended up climbing out and climbing back in before Mary Kay got up there. Usually, we can speak to him through the camera and tell him to lie down but this time he was not in the mood to listen.

I was worried as I donned my winter clothing and put a facsimile of a mining light on my head so that I would be visible in the dark and able to see what Stewart was producing to put in a bag and take home. I knew that the weather was on the edge of ice but luckily I felt no sense of slippery at all.

It just turned seven and I am writing and sipping my coffee, just having checked the charges upstairs as we thought we heard someone crying. If we did, they stopped.

Let’s hope that we can get to making a few cookies today for Christmas, we are getting down to the wire.

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