Christmas 2018 and some random thoughts

This is what the day looks like on my 67th birthday.

Some Christmases are better than others. This one was spectacular with a major exception. The good part was that we had an absolutely perfect day surrounded by family and grandkids and a family that knows how to work together. We have had our shares of ups and downs and somehow we seem to face each trial and tribulation, work with it however painful it might be, and move on. The good outweighs the harder times. Life is not perfect, human beings are not perfect, but if we all strive to be the best we can be, the efforts are worth it.Too bad we don’t see that on a national and international level.

The major exception to our Christmas day was that two of our family members were virally challenged and one of our sons was unable to come over, forced to lie on the couch and vegetate and his daughter was better from her attack the previous day, came over, and was forced to leave before dinner because she didn’t feel up to it. Given her personality and usual enthusiasm, this was truly due to the virus. That was a downside to the day.

The grandkids, despite being young and victims of excitement, had a great day and we as adults had to intervene very little. The one time it seemed we might be going downhill, a nice venture outside with momma seemed to truly set things straight. It is not easy having to deal with days and days of anticipation only to find that the day arrives and one is left feeling empty, at that age, because one doesn’t know how to truly deal with one’s temper and emotions. When I think of how many adults still haven’t mastered that, I marvel at the rest of the day we had where the kids were nothing more than joyous and kind as they played with each other (all four of them) and interacted with their adults.

Our day culminated in a meal of standing rib roast, procured from Hofherr Meat Co. in Northfield, IL, a place we had read about and which Mikey has truly gotten to know.It is now our ‘go to’ place for fine meats. I have never tasted anything like what we ate last night. We had all the trimmings, of course, freshly made mashed potatoes, cranberries, salad, and fresh bread. The meal was topped by nine different kinds of cookies made by me, Mary Kay, Mikey, and Laura.

Other than the missing of several of our dear members, it was a truly memorable occasion and one I hope we continue to share for many, many years.

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