For now, it is Pages…

As I write, I am getting my inner Hungarian on as I make my updated version of Hungarian stew that we never called ‘Goulash.’

Technology can be annoying, but in this case, I am my own worst enemy.

I keep getting messages from the Microsoft people that my 2011 issue of Microsoft Office is no longer being supported.

I contacted my good friend at Oakton, since as an employee, I should have access either to a copy of Microsoft Office or at least a less expensive version.

What sparked my contacting her was an e-mail that I have received numerous times in my Oakton e-mail which details that I can have a copy of the latest Microsoft Office for $14.99. I contacted my IT friend and for whatever reason, it does not appear that this offer is legit. She said she would contact the Oakton Help Desk and get back to me. Apparently, the Oakton Help Desk doesn’t even contact her. I don’t get it.

I went online and directly to the website for Microsoft Office and it said that instructors at universities and colleges could get the software for free. I proceeded to do everything that they said and ended up with, yes, an updated software but without the key that I need to activate it. Activation requires money and that is not something they stated when I downloaded it.

I sent the Oakton Help Desk a message the other day and I didn’t hear back from the. I must say that I did contact them right after Christmas and before New Year’s so perhaps that is the issue. I shall give them a few more days.

My Oakton IT contact, who has ALWAYS been helpful, told me that there was a website address that was used for the downloading of the software but that it was not working. She said that the Help Desk was working on it. Unfortunately, I don’t know what their time frame is. In my several years at the community college, I have often found that people no longer respond to e-mails.

So, for the time being, since I don’t want to be stupid and purchase something that I don’t have to (I did for the original Mac version I have on my laptop), I am using ‘Pages.’ Thank goodness for Pages as at least I can use that.

Strangely enough, although I am not currently teaching online at Oakton, since the courses I normally had are being taken by a full-time professor who needs them to complete her course load, I do use Microsoft Word all the time when I do conversation hours. I always use the laptop as sort of projection unit when I explain complex expressions in both ESL and French conversation hours and take notes for my students.

I am waiting until after New Year’s. The funny thing is that although I normally prefer to e-mail, I looked for the phone number for the Help Desk only to find that there isn’t one listed.

My next effort? I plan to see why there isn’t a manual at Oakton which gives you a ‘how to’ for various things we need. With well over half of the classes being taught by part-time adjuncts, I am sure I am not the only person in this ‘boat’ with a need to know where to go and whom to contact.

Ah, Academia…

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