Vinegar Plus!

I just set this up with some 30% Vinegar solution and some peels from ‘Cuties.’

The more I use vinegar, the more I love it.

We now have a container of it by the kitchen sink. I squirt some of it (mixed with a bit of Dawn dishwashing liquid) in my French Press and it cleans it beautifully, making the glass crystal clear, within seconds. I use that also to clean the ‘Mule’ mugs, as the vinegar is acidic enough to clean the copper. I often use a little salt or sea salt as an abrasive with the cleaner to get the copper clean. My dirilyte silverware also gets a nice cleaning from it (and pretty much nothing is able to do that but Dirilyte cleaner). It is a great touch up cleaner when the grandkids use the spoons. For whatever reason, they love the Dirilyte.

I recently bought a gallon of vinegar, which is about 30% instead of the usual 6% acetic acid. This new bottle of the stuff is usually diluted five parts water to one part vinegar for home usage but can be used full strength on hard cleaning situations.

Mikey just took some of the new Vinegar and put some orange and citrus peels in it to create an orange and vinegar solution to clean pots and pans with a more organic bent. I just took some myself and will steep the vinegar with the peels. The orange and its oils will be good for the cleaner and I plan on using it full strength, putting a squirt into some soapy water to help clean dishes more easily.

I will report back after I find how things go with the new vinegar solution.

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