This was supposed to be a three-grandkid day. Unfortunately, the viral situation in town changed that from happening. One of our granddaughters has been sick or as she puts it, “I have sickies.” She ended up with a double ear infection and although the pediatrician was not sure whether it was viral or bacterial, her parents opted for antibiotics as she has been ailing too long.

We were really saddened since the older of the grandkids coming over was really looking forward to taking care of her two and a half year old cousin without her older sister (who had other things to do). Since our granddaughter had the ear infections and her father was not working, he planned to be with them at their house.

We decided to see if the ‘little Koerner prince’ could be dropped off as his mommy went to her high school coaching situation. He was excited about the prospect of playing with Kelsey, so the two of them are now playing.

As it turns out, they had cereal together, Cheerios with milk, and now they are playing together. They are having a great time on this very cold but sunny day.

I wonder if the ‘bise-monstre’ will be out and about. The bise-monstre is known to steal kisses from the grandkids when they least expect it. The bise-monstre is the French-speaking version of the Kiss-Monster.

One of the things we did is to ask Alexa to add things to the shopping list. It is interesting, as the kids have to enunciate well in order to get her to accept them. Our youngest did it by surprise one day, adding his favorite ‘Big Bad Wolf’ to the list.

We also played ‘Heads Up’ for kids as well. We did our best to use Technology to our advantage.

We are sorry that one of our grandkids is under the weather but we are happy that the two here are having a good time, as are we!

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