Chicken Soup and Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office issue continues, started several months ago when I tried to find a way to access a benefit of being an educator and getting a ‘cut’ in the price. I contacted my favorite IT person at the community college I work at and asked her for info about an often received e-mail in my university account for a good price on a Microsoft Word update. She worked on it and found no answer on that but did receive the answer that they were working on getting the correct Internet address where I could download the new update to replace my 2011 software. That never materialized so well over a week ago, probably two, I contacted the university Help Desk. Well over a week after that they contacted me and said that the e-mail I received was legit. I went online to pursue it and was informed that I needed a university code. I got back to the Help Desk and they have not yet replied. Since I am not on campus that often these days, it is not possible for me to go in and ‘pester’ the Help Desk. Meanwhile, I wait.

Chicken soup is the other half of today’s thoughts. This morning we received a call that one of our grandkids was awake and feeling much better after a long bout with the local virus. This four year old got up, got dressed, made her bed, and was waiting for a way to our house. We picked her up and took her to ‘That Little French Guy’ bakery, pâtisserie, and café in Highland Park. Although her appetite is really not back, she did enjoy our time there as the adults sipped on La Colombe lattes and ate croissants.

We brought her home and we have spent much time reading Usborne (a great name in kids’ books) fairy tales. MK is making a cake to celebrate my birthday. Anna is eating Uncle Bucky’s homemade chicken soup, a staple in this house along with muffins and Cream of Wheat (Farina).

Uncle Bucky is Uncle Mikey, one of the grandkids, and I believe it is the youngest, couldn’t say ‘Mikey.’ He makes a great chicken stock with lots of chicken bones, a bit of chicken, and one duck. The grandkids love it and we serve it with either Italian, Hungarian, or Uncle Mikey’s noodles.

Meanwhile, Anna is enjoying her soup and preparation is underway for a wonderful dinner late in the afternoon.

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