The cake made by MK and decorated by Samantha, aged 9!

We had a wonderful Papi-Fest, a celebration of my birthday a bit after the fact, a good idea since I was born forty-five minutes after Christmas and was always reminded by my mom of that fact. It was not an easy birthday to celebrate.

We had a most wonderful time although not all of us were able to be there. We had several down due to the virus that has been on the attack. I think, at the current count, since MK and I came down with it in the early hours of Sunday morning, after the party, that we now officially have ten out of twelve in the family falling to the illness. I even believe that several of the kids have had relapses.

MK and I had been extremely vigilant with the handwashing and frankly I don’t know how we held off the viral plague as long as we did.

As it now stands, we seem to be on the mend but with absolutely no desire to eat anything whatsoever. Our house has prime rib in it and a delicious cake as well.

So, let’s talk cake. One of the wonderful side moments, besides all of the wonderful photos, gifts, and good food and company, happened to be from the grandkids.

The oldest one decorated the cake after having done some Internet Research, even making roses and leaves on the cake. The two littlest female cousins each had produced a birthday card for me that was pretty much done with no adult help. That is nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to all the Koerners for a wonderful time.

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