Facing the post party a day later than normal

These are two birthday cards from two of the granddaughters, aged four and five. Priceless!

It is hard facing the post party.

Our usual method is to pretty much get everything in order immediately following the party. Mary Kay did that, I was not capable of it as I was feeling ill, thinking I had overeaten, when in fact it was probably overeating combined with the nasty virus going around which would deck us both (and the dog as well)!

MK got everything done, the dishwasher was loaded and everything washed and the other dishes were drying on the counter.

Sunday was spent lying down, something we pretty much never do. We watched a little TV and I binge read my latest Louise Penny book. The post party cleanup which needed to continue with the put back where things belong was not happening on Sunday.

I finally got smart. Louise Penny is quite the popular writer in Deerfield as the library waiting list is long. I have read a few from there but MK suggested I check out e-bay and I did. There I got used books for a song. I am currently reading the fifth in the series and due to my being forced to vegetate, I am almost done with it. You know it is a good read when despite feeling awful and having sometimes burning eyes, you can still read. Normally, in those instances, I cannot do anything but watch TV.

Sunday was spent that way, sleep coming here and there, to the point that I worried that I might not sleep at night. That was way wrong since I slept like a log last night. I am still not totally right, but I feel a lot better.

Walking downstairs in the morning after an attempt at making myself look somewhat presentable and seeing the full dishwasher and the things that needed to be put away was a bit overwhelming. It was even more overwhelming when I realized that the dog was apparently as sick, if not sicker than we were. I won’t go into the gory details.

We are back on the mend, we had a great party with the family, and we are moving on. Trust me, I am not complaining, my issues are nothing compared to those so many others seem to be dealing with.

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