Down with the tree!

I always used to mulch my Christmas tree and used the center pole for plants. I have gotten lazy with that, however. I still do as my grandparents and mom and throw my coffee grounds in the flower beds though.

Wednesday was a cold morning, in the high teens, and Stewie and I were in perfect form. Both he and I (along with Mary Kay) had all managed to be sick at the same time. Once again, we are healthy at the same time.

After a somewhat leisurely morning, Mike came over to set up the production of his chicken stock, a good thing since we had attempted to served the grandkids their favorite soup and Mary Kay had substituted College Inn chicken broth. It did not go over well. Both grandkids refused to eat it. MK made sure to contact Mikey and he came over to make some. A huge pot of soup ended up on the stove. The soup meat spent a brief moment in the oven being turned a bit golden. Besides all the chicken and the huge amount of bones was a duck. It is slowly simmering on the stove as we speak.

While Mike was preparing the stock, I was pulling out the Christmas storage boxes from the crawl space and putting things away. I got so far along that I started removing the ornaments from the tree and then I pulled off the lights. The tree somehow seemed to be in great condition despite the fact that it had been up for a while. When I had completely denuded the tree, Mike was done with the soup preparation and he held on to the tree as I released it from its stand and then he took it outside to the sidewalk. Luckily, such trees become mulch in Deerfield.

I then had the job of vacuuming the carpet and putting things back in order, always a good feeling after Christmas. The only real evidence of Christmas is my mother’s ceramic Christmas tree and the Spode Christmas China.

Another Christmas season is over.

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