The Helpless Desk

A gray day on the North Shore…

I always mulched my Christmas tree and used the center pole for plants. I have gotten lazy with that, however. I still do as my grandparents and mom and throw my coffee grounds in the flower beds though.
[/caption]I guess that one of the downsides to not being in a large high school is that professional privileges like having a less expensive or even free access to something like Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) is no longer available. Since late November, I have been trying to get answers from the local community college where I work as an Adjunct to see about updating my Microsoft Office 2011 (that I totally bought on my own), which is no longer receiving updates and support.

I have found that that the ‘helpdesk’ at the college is certainly not helpful. I e-mailed them (the college website only had an e-mail posted, no phone number) and it took over a week for an answer. When I did get an answer, it left me hanging, and I wrote them back and over a week later I have no response. I went into the e-mail and found a phone number and called them yesterday.

I found out that they used to have a site and code for a download of Microsoft Office at the college. For whatever reason, they seem to be (what I can glean) to be in negotiations or waiting for information. The Helpdesk told me that they would put me on a waiting list and that I am one of many. All of this is not helping me as I don’t know how long this is going to take and I don’t even know if it is happening.

While talking to them, I tried to explain to them that as confusing as all of this is regarding the Microsoft office, my big gripe is that this supposed Helpdesk cannot be of help if the helpdesk does not respond to inquiries and that as a person who has dealt with Helpdesks for my entire professional life, I have never encountered such a ‘Helplessdesk’ in my life. I also went on to compliment an IT person at the college who is one of the best IT people I have ever met, not wanting to sound like a total whiner and also just wanting to promote this incredible individual. As it turns out, this IT person is one that I contacted in the first place about the Microsoft Office and she told me she was contacting the Helpdesk and she got the same non-answer that I have been getting.

It left me with the Microsoft Office 365, which is free, yes, but can ONLY be used while on Wi-Fi access (as I found out), which means that I cannot just sit down at my laptop somewhere where I have no Wi-Fi access and word process. Of course, the Microsoft Office 365 info makes it sound as if you have a relatively normal program.

At this point, I am not sure which direction I want to go in. I feel really bad as I can afford the program I need, but I think of the Adjuncts, many of whom are living pretty much hand to mouth, resorting to all sorts of ways of getting by, often teaching part-time at more than one community college to get by and without appropriate insurance. Do I continue to be a thorn in the side of the ‘Helpdesk’ or do I just give in and buy the program. Right now, it is the principle of the situation. Situations like these make good people feel disrespected and frustrated.

Let’s see…

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