Technology Frustrations and the smell of Venison Goulash

I was slow to get up this morning, so much that MK was actually downstairs before I was, which hasn’t happened in the longest time.

I came down and had a leisurely moment after walking the dog and having breakfast. I decided I would call the Oakton ‘Helpdesk’ to see if they had any idea when I might be able to update the Microsoft Office that is plaguing me and they said they had no idea. I reiterated that I get it, that it is beyond their control, but that I am not happy that a faculty member can e-mail them and they don’t answer. When I originally went to the online community college website, there was no phone number to call, just an e-mail. I finally got an e-mail, well over a week after I sent it, and saw a phone number. I now have it. I went online and saw that there is a phone number listed so it makes me wonder how I missed that. Nonetheless, they are less than responsive. Today’s conversation pushed me to spend the some $150 to get an updated version of Microsoft Office. It appears that the e-mail response time is between 10 and 14 days. Seems that something is awry there.

Since I was buying it from Microsoft, I thought I would avoid issues, but I spent several hours spinning my wheels before calling and then I had to deal with robotized responses. I finally found an online ‘chat’ that got me help with the chap I was communicating with, ‘Iankielm,’ who finally took control of my computer. I watched as ‘he?’ took control and removed all remnants of Microsoft Office before restarting my laptop. ‘He?’ didn’t explain what I needed to do but I assumed that I just needed to reinstall and that is what I did. It worked.

Mike and I went to my gym so that we could reinstate him at the gym and get both of us a better price. We were under a ‘time gun’ and only had fifteen minutes of exercise before coming home. I then went to the store for some provisions so I could make Venison Goulash with just over three pounds of venison from a recent local ‘bow and arrow’ kill of deer. There is a large estate belonging to a former Chicago newscaster that needs deer culling to keep deer from starving and destroying plant life. He is well known for his grass fed beef. That deer ended up in my goulash pot.

I am writing as it slowly simmers on my stove and the smell is overwhelmingly pleasant. What an improvement on my morning!

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