A Trip to Bende’s…

Sometimes, I cannot refuse a bargain.

MK thinks it is in my DNA. I am a good bargain shopper and I don’t mind stopping at more than one store to find what I need. It isn’t even just for bargains, but if a location with a specialty is in front of me, I will stop.

My mom was an inveterate shopper and due to her less than advantageous financial situation (which she never complained about), she was somewhat forced to do that. She always managed to find what she needed and to find things that appealed to others.

I was out and about today. I had planned to take my four-year charge with me on a quick foray to pick up my almost one-hundred-year-old watch from the watchmaker. That is another story and I am not happy with that guy. I went south to pick up the watch and then I went north to go to Bende’s Hungarian deli shop

There I found the Christmas items that were cut to half price since Christmas has passed. I thought perhaps I would get some Hungarian chocolate into my grandkids and I picked up a Hungarian chocolate Santa for each of them. I also picked up a wrapped group of Hungarian Christmas candies for us all to sample.

While there I picked up some Hungarian bacon and also Hungarian wines. I have to provide for the adults, don’t I?

I came home and we had a tea party, our four-year old charge having some herbal tea and MK and I having a mix of Darjeeling and Earl Grey. I decided on ‘builder’s tea,’ with milk and sugar. It was wonderful on a cold, gray afternoon to have some tea and some Bischoff biscuits.

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