The Bisemonstres are asleep!

Yes, today was one of those days when the bisemonstre was sleeping. The bisemonstre exists in more than one form in our house, I play it and so does anyone else who so desires. The bisemonstre gives bises (kisses) and every once in a while we tell the grandkids that they may not kiss us and they become bisemonstres almost immediately.

Well, the older bisemonstres were asleep at 7:30 AM, when the grandkids arrived. Somehow, we had missed the information and did not know the kids were coming earlier than normal. They don’t always arrive at the same time, so we thought nothing of it and I leave the wake up to Mary Kay since she has her phone on, especially since she works for our son’s snow business and needs to remain connected. It is truly ironic that although I am the more technologically addicted, that I would be the one totally shutting down my devices at night.

We heard Stewie bark. We heard our grandson, who for whatever reason had started to cry. Maybe it was because he didn’t see his grandparents. MK went down and I hit the bathroom.Ttag-teaming is one of our fortes, we learned this when parenting and use this while grandparenting, one of us takes it on completely and the other can do what is needed to assume the role in a few minutes.

Soon the grandkids were upstairs, came to find me, and were with me as I was getting dressed.

I went down and MK went up to get ready for the day. I made the coffee and asked the grandkids what they wanted for breakfast. It turned out to be Farina (Cream of Wheat) so I went to work on that. The grandkids immediately went to hide from the bisemonstre so I was ‘looking for them’ while creating breakfast and straightening up the kitchen from the night before.

Stewie had to wait his turn so I didn’t walk him until after breakfast (Cream of Wheat with butter and real maple syrup). He was fine with that since he wanted to ‘attend’ his herd and sit by waiting for food to drop.

Another day in the neighborhood. Skies are gray and snow is in the air, possibly two to three inches.

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