Below Zero!

I cannot remember the last time it was below zero. When we got up, if I am not too confused, it was six degrees below zero.

Stewart was not walked. Instead, he went out in the back yard in some sort of confused, Border collie haze. He looked at me as if I happened to be crazy and, at first, just sat on the stoop. I ended up bringing him in and then sending him out front to get the newspaper for us. My not walking him was precipitated by checking online and reading by more than one source that if it happened to be below zero, no dog should be walked.

It was freezing last night and as I was sleeping, my mind went to our heating system. Periodically, the outdoor, PVC exhaust pipes get snow and condensation in them and the entire system shuts down. You then have to go outside, clean out the pipes, turn off the system and restart it. So that was on my mind. Luckily, my worries were unfounded.

It was the first time all winter that we needed the big quilt, which is always on the bed and usually thrown off toward the end. Our heating system is turned down to fifty-three degrees since the upper level needs it to be that low to actually cool down upstairs. Stewart thrives in this, often sleeping on the ceramic tiles in the lower level.

I am about to go out, having done my best to put everything away and straighten up after the onslaught of the grandkids yesterday. They were wonderful, but it was a long day and they ate with us as their mom is still busy with coaching and with all of the ice and snow, their daddy is busy with salting and plowing.

The weather is supposed to ramp up in terms of snow, so that will not change in the near future.

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