Still below zero!

I remember experiencing below zero in the Chicago area, but it was well over thirty years ago. I remember not being able to bring sons home from the hospital because the weather was too dangerous and well below zero.

It was six below when we woke up and the heat had just turned back on. Our thermostat pulls the temp back into the 50s, and that means that the heat just doesn’t seem to go on. At least I never heard it go on. You wake up and the heat is on non-stop until we reach the high sixties, which is where we usually leave it. Although our house is from the 50s, it is pretty well insulated Actually, when the last roof was put on, we had to have some insulation pulled in the attic as condensation was occurring.

The visual display of winter is beautiful, yet dangerous, seemingly trying to lure you out and when you get there, the cold blast overtakes you and you change your mind or alter your clothing to fit or try to fit the inclemency of the weather.

Stewie was confused as I let him out back, wondering what was up with the usual morning walk. Basically, it is too dangerous to do that for a pet, even one as well provided with fur as he is.

This was one of those days when I was happy to let Stewie out front to get the newspaper. He did that perfectly, but only after watering his favorite bush. You have to get priorities in place and he has that down pat. One of these days, I might finally prove to him that I am master and he isn’t. The likelihood of that? Not high.

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