A new semester and flooding

The new semester has started and I am back to ESL and French Conversation Hour as well as some Oakton tutoring. I miss the online teaching as the full-time professor needs my French class to stay academically afloat. My sense is that my online teaching at Oakton is done. Even if it is not, I am concerned that if I am offered the class or classes at some time in the future that my syllabus will have to be updated for current changes, but that really shouldn’t be an issue. My other, more important concern, is that if I am offered a class, it will most assuredly be at the last minute, setting me into scrambling mode. The question is whether or not I want to deal with that anymore.

The weather is frightful as the massive snow mountains dribble away. The weather is warm, high forties, and I fear for people near rivers and streams as the ice is melting at a terrifically fast rate.

It is Monday and I am about to head to Oakton for the first ESL Conversation class of the semester. I will then go to the gym and work out. Following that, I am headed to Wilmette for a private tutoring session.

Am I the only one who didn’t go to a SuperBowl party and/or watch the Superbowl? I just could not get into it this year. I am not a major sports fan and the commercials just didn’t have enough pull for us. I lived vicariously through the SuperBowl party by our son Michael’s chef business as he catered a party for over 60 people. He and his cadre turned out gourmet munchies and food for that group and even utilized the baking abilities of ‘That Little French Guy.’ I am glad that Mike is using the French baker as I see that as a good partnership.

Okay, off to Oakton.

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