Ice Storm

Chicago gets ice storms but somewhat infrequently. We are definitely more of a snow and blizzard kind of town.

Yesterday, we were threatened with an ice storm. The snow had been melting at a record pace and the temperatures had risen from the subzero temps of the previous week. It was set to plummet again and you could already feel the iciness in the air.

We had had a busy day with the two youngest grandchildren. Toward late afternoon, I took one of our charges while the other napped, and took her to her cousins’ house. It was really cold out and we got their dog and went to the corner to wait for the bus. It seemed to take longer than we both expected, we were both freezing, and just as we were about to go and wait in the house, the bus came by.

We had a great time, Papi making afternoon popcorn and the girls having fun. A little later, they were joined by their youngest cousin and Grandma.

I had to go out tutoring, so I went out just as the temperatures were starting to really drop. Half way through my session, the family asked me if I wanted to leave, given the weather situation. I told them I would stay.

When I got back to our grandkids, their mom was already back and I realized that their blacktop driveway was insanely icy. I glided along and made my way up the steps of the deck, barely avoiding the slippery possibilities.

When we went out to return home, we went out the front, avoiding the blacktop, walking on the lawn. Nonetheless, even getting past the brick paved stoop was tough. We ended up walking off of it on to the adjacent lawn, it was so icy.

This morning the temps seem to be just slightly above freezing, so the iciness of the previous evening is dissipating quickly. We are lucky as it could have been way worse.

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