Like being at a Nazi Rally

The night of the ice storm was a busy one for us. We had taken care of the grandchildren all day and toward late afternoon, I took one of our charges with me to the nearby house of her cousin. We were doing after bus pick up and so we stood by the corner in the biting cold weather and waited for the bus. My little charge was so excited at the prospect of seeing her cousins that she could not wrap her head around the concept that the bus would go by us and turn around and then deposit her cousins. We almost didn’t last, we almost had to go into the house because it was so cold and the bus seemed a bit late. We made it, however, and the excitement was overwhelming.

In the house, the fun was contagious as I made afternoon popcorn for a snack and they set about to playing and in such a way that I had no worries of having to intervene.

I left after MK had arrived with dinner and went to tutor, finding the roads just at the beginning of being icy and the sidewalks even more so. Getting back an hour later to the grandkids’ house where MK was waiting for a parent to arrive home, but who had arrived already, leaving all to watch a little pre-night-night TV.

We went home, by this time the weather was really awful, especially in terms of having to walk on the driveway or sidewalk. Streets were actually better, having probably been pre-seasoned with midwestern salt.

I arrived home to see the light coming through my new fence, the one that delineates a frontier between our yard and the malbor’s. Malbor’s son was there with his van from work. He often works on it in the driveway, now that he often lives back with his parents, as divorce and its ramifications set in to his life. The sound was blaring from this exceedingly well-lit van with open doors. The sound blaring was the State of the Union Speech, if you could call it that, from the current person in charge, a man for whom I have absolutely no respect. The demagoguery was literally screaming out of that van, creating a nightmarish feeling. Lies and more lies, a speech prepared to rile up the public and allow the despot to spend millions on stupidity. It occurred to us that our difficulties with malbor have decidedly visited the son, it is perfectly okay to blare your ‘entertainment’ and disturb others, because it is your right. The apple has not fallen far from the tree. The despot, whose name I shall not use, has given rise to such behaviors since he himself doesn’t contain his thoughts, feelings, or hatreds. It is a cult, it is reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany.

We have big problems.

Just another night in the neighborhood.

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