Cooking away!


Sometimes you don’t do something you enjoy. Doing something you like can becomes a chore. Sometimes it is a chore because you seem to be involved in so many other things that end up taking you away from it.

Cooking and baking has been in that arena for me for a while.

MK being under the weather got me re-
involved in it. She got the flu and at first wasn’t interested at all in eating and then she was finally back on the mend. I started making ‘comfort food’ that I haven’t made in a long time.

It started out with not wanting to defrost my recent goulash, and wondering what might pique Mary Kay’s palate when she didn’t feel all that great. I started out with a favorite pork chop recipe that I have that is French: Côtelettes de Porc aux pommes en l’air. Basically it is pork chops sautéed in clarified butter and baked with apple slices. I made a more Jewish than Hungarian, noodle kugel with sour cream to accompany it for a side and had sliced oranges and homemade butterscotch pudding for dessert. It was wonderful.

We ended up having the above for the second day as both of us enjoyed it so much.

I also made a quick batch of Maho Bay Granola and made homemade yogurt to go along with it for breakfast. It was wonderful.

Today I am making a Hungarian beef soup, having stopped at Fresh Farms in Wheeling, a very ethnic store featuring much Russian and former Soviet Bloc countries’ fare as well as Hungarian. I got everything I needed and a few others. I came home, washed everything, threw it all in the pot, and now I am going tutoring, leaving MK to watch it simmer on the stove.

As it turns out, that may be tomorrow’s meal as we still have noodle kugel and may make a steak, soup is always better the second day.

Okay, off to the tutoring!

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