Stewie anoints a Yucca

A nasty beginning to the day. I didn’t even get to clean mine, I was in a rush to get out.

Nothing like an unpleasant start to your day.

I was already under pressure as I was doing the grandparenting alone, and to complicate that, I was doing it at the grandkids’ home. That meant that I needed to have all my ‘usual’ goodies and things for them. I packed a picnic basket and I also packed my backpack because there is always the possibility, especially on a snowy day, that my after-grandparenting time might get eaten into. I am tutoring in the early evening and need my Technology for that.


I am in rush, I woke up at 6:30 and did my quick exercises, fed the dog and then I went to walk him. I started the car, hoping that the nasty, frozen slush might melt enough so that I could see while driving.

Stewie decided to choose a yucca plant, piercing out of the snow. It had snowed during the night and we had a crusty, already on the edge of melting kind of snow. I am guessing four inches, but due to the slushiness, it was less than two. Stewie decides to do his job and the neighbor, standing by his car, just a few doors from my house yells, “You know, that is my garden there.” I made him repeat it because I was incredulous that he was even deigning to speak to me, something that in some thirty years, he has never done.

I realized that he was upset about my dog doing his thing on his supposed garden (I have never thought his sense of landscaping was all that great, just okay, and now that he annoyed me…).

I yelled back, “First of all, I always clean up after my dog, secondly, you have always been a weirdo.”
I now understand why one of my sons punched this new Malbor’s daughter way back when. I found out she had been bullying him. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say.

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