Photos, photos, and more photos

Most of the photos I have, and I have no idea how many there even are, are digitized. Actually, now that I think about it, I am not sure about that. For years I took slides as my main photographic tool. A few years ago, I decided to bite the bullet and I bought a printer that had the capability of digitizing more than one slide at a time. I don’t even remember how long that took but I finally got them all done.

For a bunch of years, I took photos. These I had organized with Mary Kay’s help into albums and put the overload into special photo boxes that I divided so as to appear as a mini-filing cabinet.

For whatever reason, the system I employ is one that got out of hand. When I went into the family room cabinet to retrieve some of my New Trier in France memories from the trips I took with my students, photos started falling out all over the place. Besides the boxes for photos, I also have large envelopes in which I have put photos of each of the sons, me, MK, and various family members. The bulk of the photos are elsewhere but these are handy if you want to find a photo of someone that is not digital. Anyway, it was a mess.

I brought out the albums after my new organization and put them on the shelves, but I am not sure that I want to leave them there. I mentioned to MK that we really don’t look at them very often and maybe we ought to put them in the crawlspace. That would be a pain, but the reality is that they are not often looked at.

By the end of the day, I had pretty much managed to get it under control. As I mentioned, I am not sure I like seeing all of the albums out since we really don’t access them. I am going to ‘sit on’ that one for about a week.

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