More snow and a sense of ice storm

The weather outside is frightful.

I woke up to see a layer of snow that was over an inch. I was a bit surprised to see it. I ended up going outside and cleaning it off, ever fearful of not having done that and thus paying the price. I am still paying the price of a snow well over two weeks ago as there are still remnant ice patches.

My foray into snow removal took me almost half an hour. It was heavy and slushy and I feared for what it might have become had I not removed it.

I removed it and now it is raining.

It remains to be seen whether or not it shall be a situation of an ice storm and danger.

February weather can be crazy.

I did my stint at Oakton and tutored a student, did an ESL Hour session, and then a French session.

Luckily, despite my fears for the traction as I departed home, things were okay.

Today we are going to a play downtown and luckily I don’t have to drive. I am pleased about that. It is on Navy Pier and we drive up, park, eat dinner at Riva, and then go to the play.

Yesterday was a busy day as we had all four grandkids. Tomorrow it will be like withdrawal as we have only two. I think we shall survive.

Stewart has conked out by the grandfather clock and I need to feed him as we shall not be home for his dinner. I think he shall be okay. Stewart truly leads a charmed life.

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