I guess my plan to put all the orchids outside last summer was worth it. As it turns out, I hardly had to water them as they seemed to get most of their moisture from the air. They were no trouble and they really were not bothered by pests. I placed them in a bright but not dark area between our house and the neighbor’s house to the north. I had bought an inexpensive ‘greenhouse’ which was nothing more than an adult height shelving unit with a plastic cover. I kept the plastic cover open.

I do have some plants that weather the winter indoors like my hibiscus and passion flower plants. They have to slowly be acclimatized to being in the full sun once the weather gets better.

The orchids seemed to love it and all of the orchids I had outside loved it to the point of all reblooming again. They all are either in bloom or preparing blooms.

My other house plants also weathered it outside and other than the pain of schlepping them in and out, it was a win-win situation. I intend to do it again this coming summer.

I suppose it didn’t hurt that I repotted most all of the orchids.

My other plants did well in the trip outdoors as well. I was smart and made sure to secure the ‘greenhouse’ to the ground to assure that summer storms and winds did not wreak havoc with them.

I think that sometimes, my plants help me get through the winter. I look at them and think of how wonderful it will be when I get to take them out and benefit from the garden and doing gardening tasks.

Gardening is therapeutic. Gardening is communing with nature. Gardening is like meditation and is so very zen.

I cannot wait for spring to set in and to get out of doors. Our grandkids are showing signs of exactly the same need. It cannot come soon enough.

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