Ice and falling

So we had a little warm up over the weekend that included lots of warm rain. Is the ice and snow all gone? Far from it, there are still ice mountains left from a major snow over a month ago.

We had a family birthday this weekend and the Chicago dwellers who came in were shocked to see that there was still snow on the North Shore. I am not.

Because of the temps and the state of our sidewalks and streets, I am very wary as I walk Stewie. I have fallen three times this winter and luckily, I am still intact. I don’t want to risk that.

Sidewalks are impassable for the most part and as I look at them from afar, I see numerous patches of ice that frankly scare me.

Outside, I see glimmers of the spring, daffodils that have attempted, during a time of warmth, to push forth to display their blooms. Before they get very far, the cold returns and paralyzes them back into their winter hibernation. I am anxious to see the fruit of my plantings as each fall I plant some more bulbs. I have not made it into a massive planting, but instead one that I can do without going crazy. We all know that I am capable of being very crazy so I am trying to hold myself in check.

I am anxious to calibrate my Apple Watch for my walk. I am not sure that the number of steps that it displays on a daily basis are accurate. I need to do that outside, apparently, and I need to have weather and sidewalks that are ready for a ‘normal walk,’ not one in which I walk like a Grandpa.

It will come soon!

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