1984 à la Deerfield

Yes, 1984, the name of a book I read, way back when. Big Brother is attempting to see my every move, or more importantly, annoy me by looking as if he is doing so.

Malbor spent a pretty quiet winter, continuing to rely on more and more oxygen and to pretty much avoid being in my proximity when outside, which is more than fine with me.

Considering the craziness of things last year, when he tore down his fence, burned it bit by bit, and made it difficult for us to put up a new one.

It is a tough life when you are angry, endured tragedy, are abusive, a bully, and more importantly, totally unaware of the part that you had to play in the creation of your own sadness.

Things this spring and summer should be way better as we have the fence in place, but one never knows when the next ‘shoe will drop.’

The latest one happened over the weekend and necessitated a visit by the local officers. A new camera was placed on a home and garage already overly indulged with cameras. The latest ones are equipped with small solar panels. The newest camera implant was a dual set, one facing malbor’s garage and another directly facing our patio.

My concern was mainly that I don’t want my grandchildren in a video stream. That concern had me call the non-emergency number of the police. They came out and agreed that although there is really no provision for removal of such things, since Technology exploded without having an equal explosion on community law books, that said camera was not something they would like.

They stopped over and malbor stated that pretty much the only reason he puts them up is to annoy us, as he doesn’t like us.

Let’s hope that this is the last of his ‘outbursts’ and that our neighborhood bully quiets down.

Meanwhile, this can happen to any of us. Beware!

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