On Making Mistakes

The other day I was having issues with my air pods. Air pods are amazing things, surprisingly actually staying in my ears, unlike most air buds, and have great sound quality. They are great for listening to music and I can control them from my Apple watch or from a simple tap and I tell Siri to lower or raise the volume. My issues were that the tapping wasn’t working. I quickly realized that I had switched the air pods, left in right ear and right in left ear. The command that I gave, which would normally call Siri, actually paused the music. I learned by my mistake that from now on I can pause the music by tapping the left air pod.

I found this by making a mistake.

Making mistakes makes it possible for us to discover new things. In education and life, we need to remember this simple fact.

Boy Scouts, despite their many failings, espoused the idea of failure as being good, at least in the troop that I belonged to as an adult. I was dragged into the scouting system because my three sons were involved and each one of them became an Eagle Scout. I was their Advancement Chairman and oversaw scout advancement, meeting with each scout and at least one other committee member to question the boys when they were changing rank. We always espoused the idea that in order to progress, it was necessary to fall short and even fail, from time to time.

This is a healthy concept.

How many times did Einstein fail? Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison?

If they had not persevered, it would have come to naught. I am sure that there were people in their lives who told them to give up, but they didn’t.

So, the next time we fall short or see someone fall short, let’s remember that sometimes, failure’s next step is success!

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