It was quite the foggy morning.

We have crocuses. We have daffodils peeking out of the ground, showing buds, looking tentative as if the shoe is going to drop and the temperature plummet.

Maybe? Just maybe? Spring might happen? There are most years when MK and I are not as antsy for spring as most people, but this year we are fully ready to receive spring. That is, if spring actually shows up. As we know, in the Chicago area, spring usually ends up being ‘sprummer,’ that is, a dash of spring with plenty of hot weather.

I had a most interesting morning. I went to a shooting range with one of my sons and learned about firearms. I have never been a proponent of guns. I frankly fear handling one and maybe that is good. But hey, I think that it was time that I learn about them. My son had been inviting me for some time, so today I went, put on ear protection, and went to town.

A friend of his taught me what to do. As it turns out, I am surprisingly a good shot. Mike, Richie’s friend who taught me, said that he had never seen a first timer do as well as I did. I hope that he wasn’t just joshing me, but when I look at the results, I am pretty much blown away.

I came home after a wonderful lunch with Richie, and went to town in the back yard. I fastened the top of the sandbox down, took out plants to the greenhouse I use to summer plants in that I just put up, put up the rain barrels, put away winter rain barrel paraphernalia, and then set up the pond filter and waterfall.

A productive day. It was extremely beautiful this morning, then the fog rolled in on me to the point that one could barely see, it cleared up, I went to a shooting range, and I came home and did spring tasks. A winning day.

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