Our backyard room and bedlam

Thank goodness for weather that allows for playing outside!

I was a bit surprised that one of our charges decided right away, of course after having dismantled the garage and taking out all the toys, to ‘need’ to go for a walk. It is so beautiful and we have not had a real chance to enjoy the toys that we haven’t played with all winter in our backyard. Now, everything is everywhere and frankly, I am so enjoying it myself and her brother is having a good time, so I am not willing to reset the program to have us all pick up the toys and then go for a walk.

It is beautiful out. It is sunny, slightly warm, and delightful. It is such a pleasure to get out of the house and regain our backyard room.

As usual, the noises are incessant. These are not the noises of the insect or bird population, but that of gasoline engines powering blowers and other landscaping devices. It would be wonderful to have one day of moratorium for this because the minute we are outside, the noises begin.

The grandkids have now settled into a play mode and seem to be more in synch with what to do. I guess that they are just like us and although they love being outside, they have to readjust parameters so that they can actually enjoy it.

Once outside and playing, I immediately fell into doing the spring prep things, setting everything up. I had already put everything on the patio. The tables are set up and they are accompanied by chairs. Our outdoor dining ‘bar’ with plates and other dinnerware is out although the items are not yet unpacked. I have set up all the backyard hoses and I have one to do up front. Even the hummingbird feeder is in operation as I made some syrup last evening.

Tomorrow it is to be inclement. There is even the chance of snow. Such an idea is frightening.

I love the summer.

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