Three things needed for a good life

The other day, I had a yearly physical at my doctor’s office. I really like her. I don’t always agree with her, even politically. I must say that MK hit the nail on the head as she said that our doctor may not make the best first assessment but she always comes around.

I don’t always agree with her medical opinions either. I understand where she is coming from but I also see that although she reads the medical annuals the way I read novels, she bases her final opinions on the results she sees for her patients. I cannot argue with that, but sometimes we have to make the final decision ourselves. Case in point is my recent decision to have a procedure that she says is not as fruitful as we would like (and I certainly see her point) but one that I want to try because it is not invasive and maybe it won’t work, but then again maybe it will. Wow! Me an optimist? I am a far cry from my training with my mom!

She is on the cusp. She told MK recently that perhaps it is time for the knee to be replaced. Before this time, she was overly cautious. Her change? She has seen some of her patients come out of surgery and with better results recently. She mentioned a patient who was driving after ten days…

You cannot help but like this doctor who believes in wholistic approaches as well as the regular medical practice.

Yesterday, she spoke to me of her sister who had her shoulder redone. Unlike her own patients who can barely raise their arms up to a t-body position, her sister was very quickly able to get her arms all the way over her head. The reason? She had her surgery done in India and not that I am saying that India is on the cusp in every surgical area, perhaps they have found a better way to do it. She says she has told the local experts to look at newer approaches. I like that. We cannot close our eyes to what is better, even if we haven’t developed it ourselves.

She told me yesterday what she sees from her practice (and she is a couple years my senior) in terms of good life and longevity, are three critical things. They are, in order of importance, personal happiness, proper sleep, and proper diet. I thought about it as she asked me if I was depressed, since that is an important question to ask everyone, and realize that she is more than probably right once again.

Carpe diem.

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