My weird looking forsythia with only the bottom blooming!

It is that time of the year. Although Stewie’s fur is usually not a problem; we are finding tufts of it here and there on pretty much a daily basis. He is ridding his body of extra fur that he is decidedly not going to need as the heat sets in.

I will say that I have a few articles of clothing that seem to be magnetic in terms of attracting his fur. It seems that older Polartec is particularly vulnerable. It will have strands here and there plastered all over it. I can thus wear it about once before it needs to be washed. The cloth liner to a favorite Irish sweater jacket is always collecting his fur. A new dress shirt by Cinch is also surprisingly magnetic. And it is black, thus Stewie’s white fur is not a good combo with it.

Yes, sprummer is fast approaching. I am almost thinking that our forsythia bloom is going to be a bust as I have noticed in our neighborhood that the bottom foot or so of it is blooming but the rest seems to be greening up. I am wondering if that means we are doomed to a lost forsythia season.

Meanwhile, I am really not complaining. It is still warm today; I walked Stewie in shirtsleeves, but it is supposed to cool off again, as far as I know.

I am ‘chomping at the bit’ a little as I had a medical procedure that is preventing me from gym going for two weeks and is also making it difficult for me to do my usual stuff around the house and yard. I know I have to let it go, but it nags at me. To keep tired enough to sleep at night, I have been walking Stewie a little over a mile on our old path. He is quite excited to do that and I really enjoy the flora and fauna that it presents.

Okay, off to Oakton.

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