The Good Fight

“Now in its third season, the legal spinoff has become a vehicle for channelling liberal anger at these grotesque times. Prepare to be swept along entirely.” The Guardian

MK and I do enjoy a good television show. We used to watch the Good Wife and enjoyed it, but I must say that its spinoff, ‘The Good Fight,’ is perfectly wonderful for allowing us to feel sane and to remove some of the stresses of living in a seemingly Fascist era.

MK had been checking things out and we realized that we had not seen the Christine Baranski program that includes her character from The Good Wife and also several others from it, like the wonderful young lawyer Lucca, played by Cush Jumbo.

We searched to see if we could still find Seasons 1 and 2, but to our dismay, they were not available. I signed in to our wonderful North Shore Library to find that they had both sets of DVDs and that they were relatively easy to procure. We started watching right before we went to Florida, about a month ago.

Christine Baranski stars as Diane Lockhart, a lawyer who is just about to retire after a lucrative career as a lawyer. She soon finds out some disastrous financial news, à la Bernie Madoff, and has to make some serious modifications to her life. While doing so, she is living the nightmare that so many of us so-called liberals are living, wondering how much crazier life and the violence that inflicts itself upon so many of us and our co-citizens, will get.

During this time, she is doing her best to get by, dealing with all of the different characters that today’s life provides, in both the workplace and in her personal life. The way in which this series deals with all of that is stress-releasing for those of us who feel the pain of what the post 2016 elections have wreaked in terms of total chaos and havoc.

I deliberately chose to not give many, if any at all, spoilers, because frankly, if you are of my ‘persuasion’ politically, you need to experience the catharsis that this program brings. We are just about finished with Season 2 and luckily, Season 3 is about to debut mid-May.

Check it out!

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