Sunny, finally!

The dead twiglike plant in the center is one of the Marionberries.

It is cold but the sun is out; that makes it tolerable.

I just dealt with Gurney’s Seeds and Nursery regarding a purchase I had made, killed off as far as I can see by the strange weather we have had.

When we went to Portland in February, we came across the local specialty: Marionberries, a special cross of different blackberry varieties. Although the climate of Oregon is way different than ours, I found out that a variety of Marionberries was available for the Midwest. I found it online at Gurney’s and ordered two bushes. They arrived before we went to Florida and I planted them. Normally, when you receive them, you plant them. I was hesitant to do so, but I was even more hesitant not to as I was going to be gone for over a week and could not monitor them.

They didn’t make it.

I contacted Gurney’s and received messages from two different people. One told me what I needed to do to help them along. I responded that I knew what to do, had done it, and they had not survived. The second one, which came a day later, told me that I now had an in-house credit.

I wanted Marionberries and I am willing to take another chance on them.

I contacted them on the phone this morning and re-purchased them. I am not sure why this wasn’t an option in the first place; it seemed to be the most logical thing to do.

They should arrive next week. Time will tell.

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