Orchid Children

Listening to some podcasts and pondering my own life have made me wonder about an allusion to something that I heard yesterday. In the podcast, they talked about introverts and how there was decidedly discrimination against them in terms of college entrance. It clearly pointed out, and I agree wholeheartedly with it, that those who are extroverts are often the ones who come out on top. They made it very clear that statistics point out that introverts are very accomplished and shouldn’t be ignored.

Introverts are not always the best at pushing themselves forward. As a ‘reformed’ introvert, one who was clearly not happy being typecast, I concur with that and am well aware that the extrovert, sometimes a very ‘squeaky wheel,’ is often at the forefront of success.

As an individual, I always thought deep down that if I performed to my utmost, that people would take notice, and that my successes would occur. I am not saying that I wasn’t successful, but I will say that because of my personality and my central goal of meeting the needs of the kids I served, that sometimes things fell in a less than perfect way for my advancement.

I am thinking of my grandkids, some of whom have inherited some of the sensitivities. I bleed for them and yet I am very happy since I know that my family is taking very good care of them. I thank my lucky stars that they were born in our family. They will be happy and successful.

Susan Cain calls our progeny with a sensitivity, orchid children. They are not the easiest to grow but when placed in the right situation, they thrive.

I was one of those. I always viewed myself as shy and even today, I believe that I am. In reality, I have left that behind. I have put aside the days when, for example, I won something (as a child) and refused to put myself in the limelight and didn’t admit to being there. I never did get that fishing pole and accessories, but I did manage to get oh so much more.

My successes? Unbelievable, in my estimate. I was a terrific success in my profession, but my biggest accomplishment, and truly the one that always meant the most to me, was my family. I intended to found a healthy dynasty and that I have done.

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